Why do women live longer than men?

Why do women live longer than men?

Why do women live longer than men?

Why do women live longer than men? Women from birth bring the ability to live more than men. According to some figures, women in the US live about 6.5 years of men, 5.3 years in Britain, 12 years in Russia and 6 months more in India.

This social diversity reveals that social factors have a great effect on the longevity of men and women. Actually, women have a biological advantage but historically their way of living and social customs have tried to reject this benefit. For example, due to menstruation, women sometimes lack the blood due to which due to a shortage of iron, they become anemia, which used to increase female mortality in earlier times. The social difference between men and women and the challenges of becoming a mother have also compromised this biological benefit of women.

In many organisms, including X and Y chromosome mammals, there are two chromosomes determining the gender and they are found in both men and women. By these chromosomes, the children get some qualities such as color, nose-map, length and some diseases by geneticism from parents. Why do women live longer than men?

The biological basis for the longevity of women is clear. Every species of a woman is ahead of men due to some exceptions. Genetic changes are due to X chromosomes, and women naturally get two “X” chromosomes, so whenever there is a genetic mutation, one of the two chromosomal backups (one of the bad Once done, the other works in its place). While men have only one “x” chromosome which expresses all their jeans, whether they are damaged or not. Why do women live longer than men?

Women’s hormones, especially estrogen and women’s body’s pregnancy and flexibility for breastfeeding also promote their longevity. Estrogen hormone also has beneficial effects on lipids present in the blood and protects women from premature heart disease. (Read more: Heart attack)

There is a great difference in the behavior of men and women in veterinary and human medicine, and sexual differences are seen in the human brain at a much younger age. In the first 26 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo ultrasound reveals that the corpus callosum that connects between the right and left hemispheres of the brain is found to be larger in the girls than the boys. In adults, women’s brain looks at the activity of language on both sides of the brain, whereas men’s brain mainly uses the left-hand brain. Boys have more learning disorders than girls, such as dyslexia and stutter etc. Men’s brain runs faster in areas of geometry and mathematics. The ability or impulses found in the brain to control aggression and anger are large in women. Why do women live longer than men?

Men’s behavior is somewhat dangerous, and due to their poor behavior in workplace, office, etc. they also come in danger. Men are more susceptible to car accidents and alcohol and smoking addiction are more than women. Apart from this, men drive more aggressively than women. Men are more likely to get heart disease and other accidents due to these reasons.

At 15 to 24 years, mortality in men increases suddenly because men’s hormones, testosterone production is at the extreme limit.

In addition, estrogen hormones found in women increase the amount of good cholesterol in women and reduce poor cholesterol, thereby reducing the possibility of heart disease and stroke, whereas testosterone hormone in males increases bad cholesterol. And reduces good cholesterol. Which is why they are more likely to have heart diseases.

On the basis of gender, other methods related to the body of both are other possible factors which explain the longevity difference between men and women. Women are more aware of their health and use healthy lifestyles to live compared to men. Men build their bodies on the basis of strength and strength and keep on facing the risks of life from childhood. Why do women live longer than men?

There is another way to reach the conclusion of the long-term differences between women and men, and that is to consider the causes of death. According to gender-based mortality statistics, the mortality rate of men is more visible due to violence, which is around 4: 1 in the age of 30 years. That is the death of a woman on 4 men due to violence. For all the conditions except for the death rate, diabetes mellitus in the top 10 reasons, the rate of mortality among men has been found in the proportion of women. The risk of both deaths in diabetes mellitus is the same. Actually, this gender difference is related to biological, or lifestyle choices such as drinking cigarettes, drinking alcohol etc. Ultimately, the biological action of women plays an important role in proportion to this living death.

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