Vertigo: Causes, Types, Worries

Vertigo: Causes, Types, Worries

Vertigo: Causes, Types, Worries

Headaches, dizziness, nozia- these are the symptoms of Vertigo. Working in heavy kitchens in the kitchen, using staircases, walking in the dark and working on heavy machines can be dangerous.

In the capital, the working people continue to be overwhelmed by the difficulty of roaming and roaring. Four out of ten people take it lightly. It was not eaten in the morning, the night had eaten upside down, the night was not fulfilled – after giving such arguments, they understood themselves. While it may be that Vertigo is constantly being stuck in the head, and the pain in the head remains Vertigo. Vertigo is the word of Latin, which means dizziness. In fact, it realizes that everything is moving. You are stable but for a few seconds, the environment turns around. The special thing is to look at the horizontal or the skew, it looks all swirling. Occasionally it feels like vomit with the affair. Even then in four to six days, it also cures itself, but the occasional expert advice is also needed for it.

Vertigo is usually due to the viral infection caused by respiratory tract infections in our inner ear. It can also occur in the brain and also within the ear. Vertigo is of many types.

Binoyan paroxysmal Possessional Vertigo (BPPV)

The main reason for BPVV is not known. But this is very common and vertigo of the brief period. Normally less than a minute This happens when the malfunction of the inner year is bad. They are not Sevier. In it, the voice of the bell sounds in the ears. There may also be a hearing loss on the long walk. Therefore, the medicines given in this will last long. They should not stop without advice, because there is a possibility of it being repeated again. (Read more about Anxiety disorder)

Minier’s disease

This is the third type of Vertigo. Most young people have it. With sevier nozzia and vomiting, the bells are heard in the ear and pressure is felt in the ear. If there is more, hearing can be a problem. When the fluid inside the ear is high, it happens when the year’s balance becomes disturbed. There are many times when surgery is done. Antiviral medicines have to be taken for its treatment. Avoid doing the move which is causing trouble. Many times the advice of bed rest (full rest) is also given with medicines. Antibiotic medicines can also be given to removing the infection. (Read more about Depression)

Recurrent vestibulopathy

The symptoms are similar to those of minier disease. It happens by itself and it also gets better. But sometimes it becomes converted into minier disease. It has nothing to do with the brain. It is treated as a mineral disease. It can be fixed by bringing changes to the lifestyle.

Viral labyrinthitis

The brain and ear strings are connected through nerves. The Colachel NWs work to send information by listening to voice and words and Westubular Nerves balances the physical condition according to that message. If the balance of any of these two nerves is messed up due to viral infection then the condition of the Vertigo becomes born. (Read more about Fear)

Vestibular neuronitis

This happens due to swelling in the Vestibular nerve. From this, the messages that the Vestibular Nerves give to Brain are disturbed. There is no hearing loss, nor hear earrings and bells.

Do not need to be afraid

Understanding the patient’s symptoms and problems only treat the doctor further. Generally, some blood tests are done to check sugar levels. ECG taxor heart status is known. If the problem is in Brain then Catscans and MRI are advised. (Read more about Stress)

Be alert, be cautious

Vertigo can be controlled to a large extent by using yoga and regular exercise. This can happen to young and young children too. If you feel uncomfortable with dizziness and nozia filling for more than two or three days, do not ignore, contact the doctor immediately.

Not every whirling Vertigo

1. Dizziness and nozzle’s Feeling too many times in pregnancy.
2. Most problems in the brain also have the same symptoms.
3. Even when sleep is not complete, there are many times when you feel dizzy and nozia.
4. Blood pressure may also occur if the blood supply is unhealthy.
5. Dizzy arteries may be dizzy even when the supply of blood in the brain is obstructed, even when the arteries are solid.
6. Anemia
7. High Cholesterol
8. Calcium Disorder
9. Addiction
10. Chemical changes or metabolism problems or hormonal changes

Be careful like this

Swirling or dizziness around
Nausea and vomiting
Bells in ears – on hearing
Pain in ear
Eye-blurred or unbalanced eye movements occur
Difficulty walking, the head began to look light
Have trouble standing up late (Read more about Bipolar disorder)

‘Normally one should not overlook the dizziness once in two months. In two to three percent of cases, the chakra may also occur due to the brain tumor. Therefore, it should be examined at the right time. While it is often seen in Vertigo that the patient ignores early pain. People studying or working on the computer can also have problems due to radiation. Therefore, the working conditions and times should be changed, whereas regular meditation and diet can also be controlled by rotation. “

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