Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back Pain in Pregnancy: Stress can increase on your back as your baby is growing. Usually, in the second half of pregnancy, most pregnant women begin to experience back pain. You can also take some measures to reduce back pain. Which are discussed in detail in this article.

  1. Whether back pain in pregnancy is normal or not
  2. Due to back pain in pregnancy
  3. Treatment of Back Pain in Pregnancy
  4. When to have a back pain in pregnancy, contact the doctor

Whether back pain in pregnancy is normal or not

It is common for back pain or discomfort during pregnancy and most women experience it. Back pain can be experienced at any time during pregnancy, although it feels most later in pregnancy because the child grows.

Back pain can inhibit your daily routine or make trouble in getting good sleep at night. The good thing is that you can take some measures to get rid of back pain.

According to a report, during pregnancy 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women experience back pain.

Due to back pain in pregnancy

Back pain usually occurs in pregnancy, where pelvic is found in the spinal cord, on the Sacroiliac joint. There are several possible reasons for this to happen:

  1. Gaining weight: During a healthy pregnancy, the weight of women generally increases between 11 and 15 kg. The spinal cord supports that weight, which causes back pain. Increasing children and weight of the uterus also puts pressure on the pelvic and back blood vessels and nerves.
  2. Change in position: Pregnancy transforms the center of your gravity. As a result, your currency changes slowly and without your meditation, and when you move forward, there is pain or stress in your back.
  3. Changes in hormones: During pregnancy, your body creates a hormone named Relaxin, which relaxes ligaments (two bones connecting tissue) in the pelvic region and the joints are slight Makes lose The same hormone may cause instability and pain in the joints.
  4. Separation of the muscles: As the uterus grows, two parallel sheets of muscles (anal muscles of the stomach), which range from ribs to pubic bone, can be different from the middle. Back pain can be more than this division.
  5. Stress: Emotional stress can also cause stress in the back muscles, which can be felt like a back pain or cramps in the back. (Read more: Mood Swings During Pregnancy)

Treatment of Back Pain in Pregnancy

The following tips will help you deal with back pain during early pregnancy:

  1. Do not try to lift heavy objects. If anything has to be bowed for heavy lifting, then raise it in the right way. Do not bow down to the waist. Bend your knees and do not let pressure on your back.
  2. Do not stay standing or sitting for a long time. Use a stool or resting chair and do not stand on one foot.
  3. Sit on chairs that support or use pillows on your back. Simply try to sit straight with it.
  4. While in the office and while driving, cross the feet while sitting on your chair and do not sit and check that the position of your computer’s screen and the chair is correct.
  5. Take care while working at home. Do not work hard and hard work.
  6. Use a heating pad or hot towels at the lowest setting to comfort yourself.
  7. If you already have a child and you are pregnant, then it is especially important that you learn the adoption techniques too.
  8. Do not cross on your knees and cross your knees. Keep the pillow in the middle of your knees.
  9. Use soft mattresses for sleeping.
  10. To get out of bed, move on one side and then bring yourself to the position of sitting, then gradually stand up.
  11. Ask your gynecologist that there are exercises from an angle helping to reduce back pain during pregnancy that is suitable for you.
  12. If your doctor approves, then give pregnancy massage.
  13. Do not take any medication without asking your doctor, this may cause complications later in pregnancy.
  14. Wear the right size auxiliary motherhood that protects you from excess stress on your shoulders and ribs.
  15. Wear clothing or maternity pants fit under the abdomen that supports your stomach.
  16. Do not wear tight clothes during pregnancy because it does not get the blood flow properly and the supply of oxygen in the muscles decreases, which is another cause of back pain during pregnancy.
  17. Do not wear high heels shoes.
  18. Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and nutritious diet also help in relieving back pain in pregnancy to a large extent.

When to have a back pain in pregnancy, contact the doctor

Usually, there is no need to call the doctor when there is a back pain. But if you have any of the following, contact your doctor immediately.

  1. Severe pain.
  2. Rapidly growing severe pain or sudden pain.
  3. Constant pain with spasm.
  4. Difficulty in pissing or pricking.

In rare cases, severe back pain can be related to problems related to pregnancy, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, or septic arthritis. Persistent pain can be a sign of delivery before the time of delivery. So if you are experiencing any of these problems then it is important for you to check it out by a doctor.

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